During the CBAI Group Meeting after-dinner presentations, Michael Peterson, manager, financial institution sales, at Fitech Payments, issued the following challenge to member banks:

Fitech will show member banks how to make more money on their existing merchant card program WITHOUT raising merchant fees, or they will pay the bank $10,000!

That’s a bold statement, but one they can back up. Time and again Fitech has proven they offer the best merchant card services at the lowest price. They have never failed to provide a proposal that beats the bank’s existing program. They can transform your merchant card services program from a courtesy service to a profit center.

To accept the challenge, please contact Michael Peterson via email at, or telephone at 214.843.2108. If you accept the challenge, your bank is under no obligation to sign with Fitech.

Fitech is a CBSC Preferred Provider, your guarantee they have been properly vetted and tested by your community bank colleagues. Visit the Fitech website to learn more about their merchant card program for community banks.