Liberty Bank Selects Econocheck’s Secure Checking to Grow Club-Account Program

In order to provide its customers with enhanced service offerings and drive growth of its club-account checking program, Liberty Bank selected CBAI-endorsed Econocheck’s Secure Checking as its new club-account partner. A leading provider of packaged checking-account strategies for more than 40 years, Econocheck has established a proven track record of helping banks deliver value for which its customers will pay.

Mark Field, president & chairman at Liberty Bank, said the bank has offered a club-account checking program for years, but the products were stale and needed an update. He said three priorities played a role in the bank’s decision to partner with Econocheck. The first is its Secure Checking, which offers a strategy that delivers a suite of modern products designed to meet customers’ needs and expectations in a technologically-advanced world. The second factor is that Econocheck’s long list of satisfied bank clients is a testament to its ability to deliver strategies that include world-class products and services at a fair price. And the third factor was that CBAI chose to partner with Econocheck and provided the bank with member-only discounts. Field added, “CBAI’s special partnership with Econocheck sealed the deal for me.”

For more information about Econocheck’s Secure Checking program, please contact Jeff Phillips, Econocheck national sales manager, via email at or telephone at 312/343-2752.



 “We were very pleased with the results of the strategy Econocheck recommended for us that delivered new fee income and great checking value to our customers. Everybody wins.”    Michael Copeland, President/CEO, Fairfield National Bank


Packaged Checking


Econocheck - NEW!

Implementing a new benefit-enhanced checking solution will generate significant fee income while providing value-added services that your customers will thank you for including in their checking account. Sound like a fantasy? Econocheck's Relationship Checking Programs and strategies makes that fantasy a reality. Banks report earning up to $60 per year in net profit per DDA, and CBAI members receive preferred pricing on the secure checking package. Customers also receive cell phone protection, identity protection, online and mobile shopping discounts and more.

For more information, contact Jeff Phillips, Regional Sales Manager, at 312/343-2752, or via email at, or visit






About Community BancService Corporation, Inc.

A subsidiary of Community Bankers Association of Illinois (CBAI), CBSC aggregates the “clout” of CBAI member banks to negotiate lower costs and provide improved access to essential bank products and services. CBSC recommends products and services that assist banks with income-production, expense reduction, consulting, marketing, compliance, equipment, insurance, lending, A/L management and payments. Before the CBSC board of directors awards any program an exclusive partnership, it is subjected to a rigorous due diligence review that includes extensive testing by members, occasionally by independent experts, and negotiation of special member-only benefits. This process typically takes up to six months.

Today, CBAI members use an average of more than five CBSC preferred providers. Last year, members collectively saved nearly $ 1.5 million in purchasing discounts from CBSC-recommended firms. Contact CBSC today and share in the savings.


Kasasa Wins at Finovate Conference

The votes have been counted and the winners of the FinovateSpring 2018 Best of Show awards have been named. Every Best of Show competition showcases the state of fintech innovation in the world today. How are fintechs helping improve the customer experience in lending? How can financial institutions get a better understanding of their customers’ needs and preferences? Can they make it safer to bank and shop safely online without fear of interference from cybercriminals?

CBSC preferred-services partner Kasasa was one of five winners for its Kasasa Loan that lets borrowers pay ahead to reduce debt and take that extra money back if they need it. Kasasa Loans feature a mobile app that allows borrowers to manager their debt and access take-backs instantly.

“Congratulations to Gabe and his team at KASASA on winning this prestigious award.” said Mike Kelley, President , Community BancService Corporation, Inc. “We are proud of our time-tested partnership with the professionals at KASASA who have proven time and again to be among the most creative and innovative at developing new programs that help community banks compete. I can’t wait to see what they create next.”

For more information about the KASASA family of solutions for community banks, please contact Marc Billanti, via email at, or telephone at 317-250-6300.


BankOnIT Announces Incentive to Help Raise PAC Funds

Will Contribute $200 to BancPac for each bank CEO that visits BankOnITY’s Oklahoma City facility

Springfield, IL. (April 18, 2018)---Today, during the CBAI’s 34th Annual Capital Conference luncheon, BankOnIT (BOIT), CBSC’s Preferred Provider for managed IT services, announced that it will donate $200 to CBAI’s Community BancPAC for every member bank CEO that visits BOIT’s Oklahoma City facilities and participates in a CEO roundtable discussion focusing on cyber security. “BankOnIT is seriously committed to providing a more secure and reliable IT operating environment than community banks can create on their own. We fully support community banks efforts to pass legislation that helps them better serve their customers” said Robert Mendez, EVP, BankOnIT.

Beginning today, BankOnIT is offering to host groups of 5 to 6 CBAI member bank CEO’s at its headquarters in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Upon arrival in Oklahoma City, the attending CEO’s will participate in discussions focusing on today’s information technology security challenges, meeting information technology regulatory expectations, tour of BOIT’s impressive, state-of-the-art facilities, followed by open discussion over lunch. The one-day trip generally takes less than 8 hours.

“Two years ago, I accepted Robert’s invitation and flew to BOIT’s Oklahoma City facility” said Gregg Roegge, CBAI Chairman and President of Rushville State Bank. “I didn’t think I had a need at the time. I simply wanted to learn more about improving IT security at my bank. Following my visit, I learned that were significant gaps in my bank’s IT security. I also learned that my bank did not have the staff or resources to provide the same level of security and efficiencies in technology management that BOIT provides for community banks.” He concluded, “We’ve been BOIT clients now for about a year and are completely satisfied. Taking the trip to BOIT took one-day, but it was one of the best days I’ve spent out of the office.”

To schedule a visit to BankOnIT, please contact David Wilcox at or at 405-615-7625, or Jef Radtke at or at 262-388-3458.