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Ideas and Tips

Ideas and Tips for Your Participation in A Real Community Bank® Identity Program

One - Display the ARCB Identity Mark on your bank's stationery, envelopes, lobby signs, and print advertisements. (All CBAI members are encouraged to participate at this minimum level.)

Two - Periodically mail the ARCB Statement Inserts to your customers, publish the ARCB articles in your bank's newsletter or as separate letters to your customers, and incorporate the ARCB print advertisements into your bank's overall advertising program.

Three – Periodically send an ARCB article to your local newspaper for publication.

Four – Occasionally air the public service announcements on "Volunteerism", either on television advertising or on lobby monitors, or both.

Five – Acquire the rights to professionally-produced ARCB radio, television, and print advertisements and include them in your regular advertising program. Six – *Use the ARCB Identity on bank apparel and other promotional items.

*Available only through our Real Community Bank partners, MIII 1-800-790-8718 or HSC 1-800-879-7151.