Operations & Technology

CBAIs Operations/Technology Groups provide an opportunity for community bank personnel to discuss important issues with non-competing community bankers.

The Operations/Technology Groups are designed to occasion a rewarding experience where you can grow professionally, as well as personally.

Benefits of the Operations/Technology Groups 

  • Improve the bank’s operation practices
  • Increase your understanding of technological issues
  • Form lasting relationships with non competing operations/technology personnel
  • Solve your most pressing problems
  • Obtain access to highly respected financial technology experts


How Do the Operations/Technology Groups Work?

  • CBAI organizes the Groups based on bank size and market to ensure that participants have as much in common as possible without being competitors.
  • The groups remain small (no more than 12 participants). Because each participant must trust other Group members, no substitutes are permitted, unless by unanimous consent of the remaining members.
  • Other consultants from a variety of firms may be invited to address the group. This expertise would cost thousands of dollars if you paid for it on a “real-time” basis.
  • Groups meet quarterly on a date and location determined by the Group members.
  • Four to six issues are usually discussed at each session. Participants are contacted for agenda items approximately two weeks prior to each meeting.
  • A manual based on Group topics is compiled.
  • CBAI is responsible for correspondence, meeting details, some speaker resources, and other expertise.

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