ALERT: Debit Card Info Stolen Via Text Message Scam

Criminals Targeting Illinois Community Bank Customers

Customers of central Illinois community banks have reported receiving text messages on their smart phones informing them that their debit card has been deactivated. To reactivate the card, they are instructed to dial a local phone number, presumably the bank’s number or its servicing agent, and follow the prompts. An automated message greets the caller and instructs them to enter certain information including their debit card number. After entering the information, the caller is informed the card has been reactivated and the call is disconnected. The criminals now have that customer’s debit card information.

CBAI is encouraging community bankers to notify their customers of this scam. Below is a sample alert.

Phishing Alert: Fraudulent Texts and Phone Calls
We have been notified of a phishing attempt taking place in which debit card users are receiving text messages or phone calls indicating their debit card has been blocked. The card holder is prompted to enter the card number to unblock it or requested to call a number and provide information to unblock the card. These calls and/or texts are not from (Bank Name). Should you receive such a call or text, do not call the number or respond to the message in any way. If you have received a call or text and responded by giving out information related to your card, please contact Customer Service immediately to close your card.

Remember: Never give your card number, PIN, account numbers, or other sensitive information to anyone you don’t know and trust.

We hope you and your customers enjoy a safe holiday season.