Wolters Kluwer is CBAI’s endorsed HMDA provider. As the expanded HMDA regulations take effect, turn to a provider that understands the intricacies of the regulation and appreciates the complexity of implementing it. Wolters Kluwer provides technology solutions, consulting services, and educational resources to help you during these critical months of preparing for the expanded HMDA regulations. We can help you implement a full HMDA compliance management program, from consulting with your team for best practices, to implementing a system using our Wiz suite of solutions to collect, edit, analyze and submit data. Visit here for more information and read below for HMDA management resources from Wolters Kluwer.

Plus check out our free HMDA Resource Center for regulatory updates, preparation strategies, resources and key events.

Consulting Services for HMDA Compliance Program Development: Our consultants can help you enhance your HMDA compliance management program with these services:

  • Policy and Procedure Development
  • Fair Lending Risk Assessment with Expanded HMDA Data
  • HMDA Data Quality Analysis and Submission File Creation
  • HMDA Scrubs
  • Exam Preparation and Remediation
  • Staff and Board Training
  • Technology Solutions for HMDA Management: Wiz® suite of solutions to collect, edit, analyze and submit data.

HMDA Wiz lets you:

  • Accurately prepare and submit data. It includes compliance-grade geocoding, editing, assessment area delineation and all necessary tools to comply with HMDA reporting requirements.
  • Create custom reports to help communicate lending activity. The solution has pre-programmed reports to help you analyze, monitor and audit performance. The optional Executive Dashboard lets you design and execute custom reports.
  • Do real-time auditing. Browser-based data entry and editing allows real-time auditing of all your HMDA data.

Fair Lending Wiz lets you:

  • Easily identify potential risk and immediately remedy unfair lending practices. It automatically performs a full range of risk assessment tasks, so you can devote your resources to developing corrective action.
  • Cut the cost of collecting and reporting fair lending data.
  • Perform a full range of risk assessment, matched pair testing, regression analysis and reporting.
  • Reduce the chances of missing individuals or groups whose loan applications have been mishandled.
  • Improve the value of your portfolio by eliminating or prompting correction of risky loans.
  • Perform complex statistical regression without costly consultants and statisticians.
  • Eliminate the tedious task of sifting through loans by hand in the hope of identifying applicants who may have been mistreated.

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