This special image program for community banks is an ongoing public relations effort to promote community banking revolving around the theme, “A Real Community Bank®.” ARCB® is designed to alert the public to the advantages of doing business with community banks and the benefits they bring to their communities.

As a CBAI member you have the right to access and use certain ARCB advertising and promotional materials free-of-charge. You can include your bank name and logo where appropriate, select black and white and/or color ads, and use the ARCB logo in cooperation with your local printer. You control production!

ARCB features two marketing programs available only to CBAI member banks. The “ARCB® Advantage” offers free image program materials through CBAI’s website. CBAI is now launching “ARCB® Elite” additional campaign materials through CBAI's marketing partner Millennium III that can take your bank to a whole new marketing level.

“ARCB® Advantage” Image Program Benefits:

ARCB logo (add to all bank materials and website) Selection of ads for Newspaper/Magazine/Billboard advertisements Bank newsletters to customers Local news articles Statement inserts “ARCB® Elite” Campaign Benefits:
  • Complete "Real Heart of America" campaign, including TV spots upgraded to HD and bank website-ready spots
  • A guide for marketing the A Real Community Bank® brand-enhancement strategy
  • At least one extra A Real Community Bank® campaign per year as well as access to all “ARCB® Advantage” advertisements
  • Banner ads for bank web site, social sites and newsletters
  • A Real Community Bank® Facebook banners
  • Feature story explaining the benefits of A Real Community Bank®
  • Suggested tweets for A Real Community Bank® Twitter campaign
  • 100 off the price of each Bronze plaque
  • 10% off the price of A Real Community Bank® “Gold Foil” labels, flags, door mats, and “Magnetic” lapel pins
  • One roll of 1,000 mailing labels per year
  • Complimentary stick-pins
  • All A Real Community Bank® static cling window and door decals are free

“ARCB® Elite” Pricing (based on asset size):

  • $50/mo for banks <$300M
  • $100/mo for banks between $300M and $500M
  • $150/mo for banks between $500M and $750M
  • $250/mo for banks between $750M and $1B
  • $400/mo for banks >$1B

To discuss and learn more about the “ARCB® Elite" marketing campaign, please contact Richard Swink, CEO of Millenium III, at 800/790-8718.