About the Community Bankers School Scholarships

CBAI Annually awards four scholarships annually ($1,299 per year for two years) for an eligible CBAI member bank employee to attend the CBS.

The Scholarships are exclusively sponsored by the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago; THE BAKER GROUP, CBAI's Career Development Division (CDD), and Howard & Howard Attorneys.

CBAI member banks that have contributed/pledged at least $2,500* to the Foundation are eligible to submit the name of the bank in the drawing and send an employee to CBS; the award must be used in the year of the award.

*Donors of less than $2,500 will be given up to three years to move to the new threshold; they will be incented by the new Annual Scholarship to the Community Bankers School and the anticipated increase in the number of Child of a Banker Scholarships available to them.

For sponsorship information, please contact the Department of Communications at 217/529-2265 or 800/736-2224.