Auditing BSA

Auditing BSA
Auditing BSA

Strategies for BSA Audit Success
A financial institution’s Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) program continues to be under close scrutiny in today’s regulatory environment. An inadequate BSA program will almost certainly bring an administrative action – either formal or informal – against the financial institution. One particular area receiving criticism by examiners is the bank’s annual independent review of BSA.

This course will focus on the major categories of audit that are required in any BSA audit. Attendees will be provided a worksheet prior to attending the class which will help guide our presentation. No one will be identified by name or bank, but the information will be vital to the presentation.

Attend this seminar to review the adequacy of your BSA review program, whether it is completed internally or externally. This seminar will provide information on a comprehensive approach to completing a thorough BSA audit, and the BSA Exam Manual requirements will be discussed at length to assure your audit program will be viewed favorably by your examination team.

Who Should Attend?
BSA officers and Internal Auditors should attend this session. The program is designed as an update for experienced BSA officers and auditors employed by financial institutions. This is not an introductory program nor is it designed to meet the training needs of the general staff or those with very limited BSA experience.

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As a reminder registration begins at 8:30 and education at 9:00 a.m. Once online registration closes, please call CBAI at 800/736-2224 to register for this event.

6/25/2024 - 6/26/2024
CBAI Headquarters 901 Community Drive Springfield 62703

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