IRA Live Streaming Training Subscription Information

Wolters Kluwer® offers several convenient solutions to help you train your staff.

Your subscription will include all of the available training sessions, to ensure you have access to the training you need, when and where you want it.

Live Streaming Video Training

Live Streaming Training brings our in-person training environment right to your computer or training room via any internet-connected device. No more waiting for training to be scheduled in your area, and employees will no longer need to be away from the office to attend and learn. This option is available to everyone, everywhere, and our on-demand option is available anytime.

  • The fee is $329 for our two or three-hour events and $219 for our ninety and sixty-minute events (fees apply per connection, per session). Please note that additional registrations are required to log in from additional computers or locations.

Live Streaming Subscription

Trying to bring everyone together at one time for training can be difficult and often leaves your financial institution short-staffed. Additionally, the expenses associated with training events can add up quickly. With our Live Streaming Subscription service, you no longer need to worry because we offer over 100 professional training events throughout the year. Employees can now attend training when it is most convenient for them and your financial institution, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional training events.

Attend once, twice, or as many times as needed. It is our goal to provide you access to the latest IRA and HSA information. If a change occurs during the year that requires training, you’re covered at no additional cost. A subscription includes access to all of our Live Streaming IRA Content for 12 months, starting on your contract date.

  • Pricing is asset-based and starts as low as $1,099.

On-Demand Streaming Subscription

With On-Demand Live Streaming, you will have access to pre-recorded Live Streaming Training that you can watch at any time, 24/7/365. The subscription allows you to have access to these training sessions for 12 months, starting at your contract date, and there is no limit to the number of employees or how many times on-demand training sessions can be utilized.

  • Pricing is asset-based and starts as low as $1,429.

For more information or to register for live streaming video sessions, visit Wolters Kluwer's website.