Auditing Advertising - Virtual Seminar

Auditing Advertising - Virtual Seminar
Auditing Advertising - Virtual Seminar

The Community Bankers of Association of Illinois and Young & Associates, Inc. are pleased to offer a new program designed to assist all individuals involved in marketing within your bank.

Advertising has become more complex over the last few years as banks have moved away from print advertising and toward electronic advertising. However, the underlying compliance rules for advertising have remained largely unchanged, assuming that a bank is only doing print advertising. This poses a challenge when creating advertisements with limited amounts of space utilizing various digital platforms.

While the primary focus of this session is on auditing advertising, we discuss all the regulatory requirements that need to be checked during an audit. This means that marketing department employees also gain valuable insight into exactly what the rules are for facilitating smoother audits. While we cover the regulations in detail, the primary method of teaching is hands-on and reviewing many types of advertisements.

Compliance is always a complex subject and new delivery methods only add to the challenge. This half-day course is designed for anyone involved in marketing, regardless of the medium used. Getting it correct is critical, as once the advertisement is in public, any error is there for the world to see.

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