About Compliance and Auditing Training

CBAI proudly offers the highly successful and popular Community Bankers for Compliance (CBC) Program, and a variety of one-day compliance and auditing seminars and institutes. 

CBC Program Membership Form for 2020/2021   


4/20/2021Auditing Reg DDSpringfieldAUD042021
4/27/2021 - 4/28/2021Basic BSA InstituteSpringfieldCOMP042721
5/4/20213rd Quarter CBC ProgramLive E-Classroom SeminarCBC050421
5/5/20213rd Quarter CBC ProgramLive E-Classroom SeminarCBC050521
5/18/2021 - 5/19/2021Reg Z UniversitySpringfieldCOMP051821
7/13/2021 - 7/14/2021Basic BSA SchoolSpringfieldCOMP071321
8/3/20214th Quarter CBC ProgramSpringfieldCBC080321
8/4/20214th Quarter CBC ProgramLisleCBC080421
8/23/2021Advanced Internal AuditingSpringfieldAUD082321
12/13/2021 - 12/15/2021Auditing Real Estate LoansSpringfieldAUD121321