What is Community Banking Week?

This event is held annually the first week of April to coincide with National Community Banking Month. We know that your bank is involved in community service projects year-round. This week-long campaign will bring together the efforts of the Illinois banking industry to show our impact and involvement in the state. We invite all members to participate in this effort to emphasize how much the Illinois banking industry supports it's communities.

Here's how you can celebrate Community Banking Week: "Always Community-Focused!"

Community Banking Week is coming up on April 5-11, 2020, and although many of your planned in-bank celebrations and activities will need to be postponed, this year’s theme holds true now more than ever. Community banks are Always Community-Focused. Community Banking Week is a perfect opportunity to let your customers know that community banks will always be there for them, especially during difficult times. With the current environment, how can you still celebrate community banking week?

Feel free to use the news release on Community Banking Week or modify it with your bank’s information.

A letter to the editor regarding Community Banking Week and the COVID-19 crisis is available. Feel free to change it, add to it, or personalize it as you see appropriate.

Then let us know how your bank is celebrating! We want to share what your bank is doing on our Facebook page and in our Banknotes magazine. Contact Valerie Johnston.