The past several years have brought many HMDA frustrations, as the CFPB continues to change its mind as to what the rule should be. While the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) has existed for many years, recent regulatory activity (and indecision) obviously increases the potential for errors. Bankers, now more than ever, have to understand the HMDA rules.

This seminar will discuss the rule, including all the latest changes, as well as any other changes that may occur prior to the seminar date.

HMDA assumes that everyone lives in an absolutely cookie cutter, residential subdivision world – which of course is not even close to accurate. While the new rule takes out some guesswork, it certainly does not solve every possible problem, and some answers end up being a “best guess,” as the regulation is unclear.

This seminar is designed to help you to improve your HMDA performance based on the most recent information available.

The day will conclude with an examination of the requirements for each HMDA LAR field. The order of presentation will cover the fields that all HMDA banks must complete first. We will then address the fields that only are required of banks that cannot use the partial exemption. This order allows institutions that can use the partial exemption to avoid spending time listening to a discussion of HMDA fields that are not germane to their reporting requirements.

Anyone who is involved in HMDA reporting will find this seminar invaluable. Those who will benefit greatly from this seminar are personnel involved in collecting the data from the applicant(s), reporting the data to the regulators, training applicable employees, ensuring compliance with the requirements (e.g., compliance officers and auditors), as well as anyone who wants a more meaningful understanding of the information this data can provide.

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Registration and continental breakfast begins at 8:30 a.m. with the seminar beginning at 9 a.m. Once online registration closes, please call CBAI at 800/736-2224 to register for this event.

Northfield Center 3280 Northfield Dr. Springfield 62702

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