Auditing Reg DD

Auditing Reg DD
Auditing Reg DD, Deposit Advertising and CIP

While the regulation has not changed in years, those at the bank responsible for the disclosures change, products change and the result is that sometimes Regulation DD disclosures contain contradictory information. This leads to regulator issues, and sometimes consumer issues, as the disclosures become incomprehensible. Regulation DD also discusses deposit advertising. As your bank takes steps to assure that you maintain or increase your market share, it is easy to “forget” certain important pieces of information that must appear in the advertisement. It also gets tricky when multiple mediums are used to convey basically the same message. This seminar also covers auditing the Customer Information Program (CIP). While the regulation has not changed in nearly 20 years, banks still fall short of “CIP perfection” in many cases. This seminar discusses the rules in detail, and offers audit techniques, concrete examples, audit worksheets (in Excel, for easy adaptation to your needs), and other worthwhile information on auditing these regulations. Anyone who is involved in these regulations will gain valuable information on these subjects. While primarily designed for those who have audit responsibilities, deposit staff, compliance officers and staff, and senior management for the deposit area will find this seminar full of useful information.

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Registration and continental breakfast begins at 8:30 a.m. with the seminar beginning at 9 a.m. Once online registration closes, please call CBAI at 800/736-2224 to register for this event.
CBAI Headquarters 901 Community Drive Springfield 62703

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