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New Book Helps Create Winning Communities

Dear CBAI Members:

As most of you already know, Jim Dittoe, president and community coach for Winning Communities, is one of CBAI’s endorsed providers, and his Certified Winning Communities program has already helped dozens of local communities achieve success through the implementation of action plans for the future. Now, Jim has put together a companion how-to guide to this action planning process with his new book, 90 Days to a Winning Community: A Guide to Achieving your Community Vision.

What is the book about?
This inspirational and practical guide to action planning for community leaders will not only give you the motivation but also the methods for achieving success in your city, town or county. Throughout the book, Jim tells his firsthand experiences working in the field of community and economic development, as well as his work with cities, towns and counties across the Midwest to create vision and action plans for achievement. He shares lessons about organizations, leadership qualities and the keys to creating a Winning Community, where all of the leaders and citizens unite with a common vision and work together to achieve their goals. Jim also highlights several communities within the state of Illinois that have succeeded by developing and implementing their vision and action plans, and creating positive change within their cities, towns or counties.

Step-by-step guide to becoming a Winning Community
There is also a workbook portion of the book, which outlines a systematic process for creating a community vision and action plan and working toward its achievement. It takes readers through each of the 13 action steps toward becoming a Winning Community, and includes timelines, agendas, worksheets and sample progress reports. Community leaders can use this workbook as a guide to undergo their own vision and action planning process, and along with Winning Communities as the facilitator, their community can have the opportunity to become a Certified Winning Community if they complete all of the action steps.

Who should read the book?
Communities of any size who are either struggling because of negative change (loss of population and commerce, deteriorating downtown, lack of pride, etc.) or positive change (rapid growth, new industry, etc.) within their cities, towns or counties will find the book helpful to motivate them to join together with other community leaders and citizens to take action. And any community leader, whether they are a town or county official, community development officer, chamber of commerce executive, bank president, business owner or ordinary citizen, who is looking to make a change or improvements to their city, town or county, will benefit from reading this book. The book could also be required reading for any city, town or county’s leadership development group.

Why buy the book?
This book has the potential to help communities achieve great things if they listen to the inspirational messages, hear the stories from the communities who are “doing things,” and follow the action steps outlined in the book.

We encourage you to buy a copy of Jim’s book, 90 Days to a Winning Community, and call him at (317) 402-0524 or email him at to find out how you can apply his Certified Winning Community program to your city, town or county. You can also visit to learn more.


Robert J. Wingert, CBAI President

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