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ICBA Fact Sheets on Wall Street Reform

      • Financial Stability

      • Consumer Protection

      • Prudential Regulation

      • Interchange

      • Investor Protection

      • Deposit Insurance

Regulatory Restructuring

      • US Senate Unanimously Approves CBAI-Supported FDIC Assessment Amendment

      • Senate Passes Regulatory Reform Bill

      • ICBA Summary of the Wall Street Reform Act

      • House Passes Omnibus Financial Reform Measure

      • ICBA Policy Resolutions for 2009/ ICBA Priorities for 2009

      • Regulatory Reform - Letter to the Editor (ICBA)

      • Consumer Financial Protection Agency - Letter to the Editor (ICBA)

      • Summary of President Obama’s regulatory reform proposal (ICBA)

      • Key Positions on the Obama Administration Financial Regulatory Reform Plan (ICBA)

      • ICBA Letter to House Financial Services Committee Members on the Administration’s plan to create a Consumer Financial
        Protection Agency (CFPA).

      • In Finance Agency's Birth, a Lesson for Obama Plan (American Banker article)

Small Business Administration Programs

      • SBA Policy Notice: Implementation of Section 502 of the Recovery Act - Up to a 90 Percent Guaranty on 7(a) Loans

      • SBA Policy Notice: Implementation of Section 501 of the Recovery Act - Fee Elimination Provisions

      • Unlocking Credit for Small Businesses Fact Sheet

      • White House Help for Small Business, Condemnation for AIG Bonuses

Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan

      • Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan Guidelines

      • Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan Modification Guidelines

      • Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan Guidelines Summary

      • Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan Guidelines Fact Sheet

      • Borrower Refinance and Modification Options

      • Joint Federal Banking Agency Statement Urging Support of Loan Modification Program

      • Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan

      • Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan- Fact Sheet

      • Questions and Answers for Borrowers about the Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan

Financial Stability Plan

      • U.S. Treasury and Federal Reserve Board Announce Launch of Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility (TALF)

      • Financial Stability Plan- Fact Sheet

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

      • ICBA Summary of Key Tax, Financial and Small Business Provisions

Temporary Liquidity Guarantee Program (TLGP)

      • Frequently Asked Questions:
             A.      FDIC
             B.      ICBA

      • Extension of Deadlines and Election Instructions

      • ICBA Summary of Interim Rule

      • FDIC Web Site on TLGP

      • TGLP Debt Reporting Instructions (01/14/09)

      • Summary of FDIC’s Guaranteed Debt Securities Program (GUARDS) (by Howard & Howard) (01/14/09)

      • TGLP Final Rule (Howard & Howard) (11/25/08)

             Election Form

      • FDIC Letter to Financial Institutions on TLGP (10/14/08)

      • FDIC Fact Sheet (10/14/08)

      • FDIC Summary (10/14/08)

      • FAQs About Treasury’s Guarantee for Money Market Funds (9/29/08)

Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 (EESA) and
Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP)

      • Treasury Releases Capital Purchase Program Term Sheets for Mutual Holding Companies

      • Treasury Releases Capital Purchase Program Term Sheet for Mutual Banks

      • Treasury Releases S-Corp Term Sheet (01/15/09)

      • Treasury Provides TARP Funds to Local Banks (01/14/09)

      • Treasury Releases Emergency Economic Stabilization Report (01/02/09)

      • Fed announces program to purchase mortgage-backed securities (MBS) (12/30/08)

      • Summary of EESA

      • Frequently Asked Questions on TARP Capital Purchase Program

      • Treasury Issues Additional Information on TARP (10/31/08)

      • Process-Related Q&As on Capital Purchase Program

      • Treasury/IRS Issue Guidance on Indirect Ownership of GSE Preferred Stock (10/29/08)

      • Regulatory Letter to Banks on Tax Effect of Losses on GSE Preferred Stock (10/29/08)

      • TARP Application Guidelines

      • ICBA Summary of Capital Purchase Program (10/14/08)

      • OTS Web Page on Capital Purchase Program

      • Small Business Participation in Implementation of the EESA (10/17/08)

      • Remarks of Federal Regulators:

             Statement by Assistant Secretary Neel Kashkari on TARP (11/10/08)

             Senate Testimony of Kashkari on TARP (10/23/08)

             Statement by Treasury Secretary Paulson on TARP (10/20/08)

             Senate Testimony of FDIC Chairman Sheila Bair (10/23/08)

             Remarks of Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke (10/14/08)

Deposit Insurance

      • Where to Apply for FDIC Prepaid-Assessment Exemption - Deadline For Filing 12/01/09 (11/19/09)

      • EESA Increases FDIC Insurance Coverage (10/7/08)

      • FDIC Proposes Higher Assessments (10/7/08)

      • FDIC Letter to Banks on Proposed Assessments (10/20/08)

      • Federal Reserve Statement on Interest Paid on Excess Balances (11/7/08)

CBAI Advocacy on Financial Crisis

      • CBAI Action Alerts

             YOUR IMMEDIATE ACTION IS REQUESTED - Co-Sponsors Needed for H.R. 2897 (10/14/09)
             CBAI Letter Campaign to House Members on Rescue Plan (10/02/2008)
             Contact Your Congressman Now to Support Rescue Bill (10/01/2008)
             Call House Members to Pass EESA (9/29/2008)
             Call Congressman to Support GSE Tax Fix (9/25/2008)
             CBAI Letter Campaign to Congress on Rescue Plan (9/22/2008)
             CBAI Letter Seeking Congressional Action on GSE stock (9/19/2008)
             Freddie and Fannie Tax Legislation Needed Now (9/18/2008)

      • CBAI Letters to Regulators

             CBAI Letter to FDIC on Risk-Based Assessments (11/12/2008)
             CBAI Letter to SEC to Halt Mark-To-Market Rules (10/8/2008)
             CBAI Letter to Regulators on Capital Issues (9/26/2008)

      • CBAI Letters to Congressmen

             Letter Urging Fairness for Community Banks (9/24/2008)
             Letter Urging Community Bank Access To TARP (9/22/2008)
             Letter Urging GSE Tax Change (9/19/2008)

      • CBAI News Releases

             CBAI's Case for Changing the FDIC Assessment Method (05/13/09)
             FASB Relaxes Rules on Mark-to-Market Accounting (04/02/09)
             CBAI Addresses Credit Union Claims (10/08/2008)
             President Signs Rescue Bill (10/03/2008)
             CBAI Supports Financial Rescue Measure (9/29/2008)
             ICBA Offers Communication Tools on Bank Safety and Soundness (7/16/2008)
             CBAI Backs Bank Regulatory Actions, Cites Soundness of Community Banks (7/15/2008)

ICBA’s Economic Recovery Central

      • Key Documents

      • Temporary Liquidity Guarantee Program (TLGP)

      • Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008/TARP

      • Deposit Insurance

      • GSE Takeover
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