Please complete the following survey and submit it to Mike Kelley, CBSC president.

1. Who at your bank is most responsible for evaluating and recommending ATM services proposals?

2. What network provides your bankís ATM services?

3. On what date(s) does(do) your current contract(s) with that network expire?

4. Approximately how many debit cards does your bank service?

5. How many ATMís does your bank service?

6. Approximately what percentage of your bank-owned ATM transactions are ďon usĒ?

7. Approximately how many transactions do your customers make at competitorsí ATMís on a monthly or annual basis?
Monthly    Annually

8. We can calculate the transaction count for you. Please fax your most recent switch bill to Mike Kelley at 217/585-8735.

9. How does your bank perform its core data processing? If in-house, what is the name of the software provider?

If through a service bureau, what is the name of the service bureau?

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