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ICBA Applauds Home Depot's - ILC Application Withdrawal - 1/25/2008
Legislation to Permanently Close ILC Loophole Still Needed

Time Is Running Out For Action of ILC'S!

FDIC Approved Commercial ILC Application

Wal-Mart to Expand Money Centers

"Wal-Mart and the Separation of Banking & Commerce" by Professor Art Wilmarth, Jr.

Wal-Mart Withdraws ILC Application!!

CBAI Legislation to Limit Commercial ILC's Passes Illinois House

CBAI Legislation to Limit Commercial ILC's Clears Committee!

News From the Front 0/19/2007

News From the Front 02/14/2007

News From the Front 02/09/2007

News From the Front 01/31/2007

Congress Asks FDIC to Extend ILC Moratorium as Decision Deadline Nears

Mid-Term Elections Impact on Wal-Mart, Obama Enters Debate

CBAI Announces Initiative to Keep Wal-Mart Bank Out of Illinois

CBAI Urges Continuation of ILC Moratorium

Wal-Mart Applies For Banking License in Mexico

FDIC Puts ILCs On Hold

Co-Sponsors Needed to Close ILC Loophole - Act Today!

Bill to Close ILC Loophole Introduced

Nearly 150 Signatures Acquired on Congressional Letter to Prevent ILC Charters!

Signatures Needed to Prevent FDIC Action on Wal-Mart ILC Proposal

Wal-Mart Misstated Leases to FDIC

Wal-Mart Hearings Begin

Congressmen Join Chorus Against Wal-Mart Application

FDIC Schedules Hearings For Wal-Mart Bank Application

U.S. Regulators Will Likely Hold a Public Hearing on Wal-Mart's Application

Jury Awards Wal-Mart Employees $172 Million

Zogby Poll Shows Perceptions Changing

Community Bankers Unite Against ILC Application

"Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Prices"

FDIC Receives Record Number of Comment Letters

Extended Deadline Brings Negative Comments

CBAI Opposes Wal-Mart Application

ICBA Asks FDIC to Reject Wal-Mart Application Requests a Public Hearing for Full Airing of Issues

ICBA Urges Closing of ILC Loophole Wal-Mart Utah Application Requires Urgent Attention

Wal-Mart Applies for Industrial Loan Company Charter

CBAI Responds to Wal-Mart Propaganda

Letter to the Editor - April 2005

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