Community Bankers Association of Illinois

CBAI Winter Retreat Survey

Several community banking associations annually sponsor a Winter Retreat for their members. For example, the Independent Bankers Association of Texas conducts a Winter Summit at Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Top regulators, attorneys, and consultants join with community bankers for this three-day educational program. In addition, our counterparts in Missouri sponsor an annual, one-week seminar series in Ixtapa, Mexico.

As a result, CBAI is considering offering a Winter Retreat in 2010 and would like to solicit your ideas as to how the event might be structured. The Winter Retreat would be open to directors, CEO's, senior management, other employees, families and friends of CBAI member banks and associate members. In order to gauge your preferences, we have prepared a brief survey that should take no more than three minutes to complete. We appreciate your insight in planning and directing this prospective educational retreat. Thank you!


Item #1. Which month would you prefer for a Winter Retreat?

January   February    March   

Item #2. How long would you likely stay?

Three days   Five days    Seven days   

Item #3. What educational topics would you like to see on the agenda? Please prioritize with 1 being the most important.

  Hot Topics Among Regulators
  The Economy and Pertinent Investment Strategies
  Community Bank Expansion Opportunities
  Today's Credit Markets
  Regulatory Compliance
  Networking Opportunities

Item #4. Which of the following destinations would you prefer? (Rates do not include education fees.)

Loews Miami Beach Hotel ($289 per day/no meals or beverages)
La Meridian Hotel, Cancun, Mexico ($219 per day/no meals or beverages)
The Moon Palace, Cancun, Mexico ($233 per person/ includes all food & beverages at the resort)

Item #5. If CBAI held a Winter Retreat in 2010, what is the likelihood of your attendance?

I would be very interested in attending, if the retreat is structured as I suggested.
I would be very interested in attending.
I might be interested in attending.
I have no interest in attending.

Done & thank you!

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