Community Bankers Association of Illinois

CBAI Survey Concerning the
Community Bank Directors' College

(For Outside Community Bank Directors Only)

The community bank director has duties to the institution, its stockholders, its depositors, and the public at large. To meet these duties and responsibilities, a director must be knowledgeable and active. CBAI provides a variety of professional development programs designed to enhance the director’s knowledge and effectiveness. This includes the annual Directors’ Conference featuring hot topics and multiple speakers which is scheduled each December in Springfield; a one-day seminar featuring one speaker on a variety of topics and scheduled in Mt. Vernon, Springfield, and Naperville each Spring; and a series of six webinars with a variety of speakers and topics.

Additionally, CBAI has offered the Community Bank Directors’ College, since its inception in August, 2005. The College was developed in close conjunction with both state and federal regulators, and is designed to teach individuals how to become a more effective, capable, and supportive member of the bank’s board of directors. It has been recommended for both new and seasoned bank directors, and has been structured as two, two-day sessions offered on an alternating annual basis. Both sessions may be attended as a stand-alone course. To date, 59 community bank directors have completed both sessions and have graduated from The College, giving it exceptionally high marks; another 107 have attended one, two-day session.

In the last few years, participation has declined. As a result, CBAI would like to solicit your ideas as to how the event might be restructured to attract greater attendance. In order to gauge your preferences, we have prepared a brief survey that should take no more than three minutes to complete. We appreciate your insight in planning and directing this valuable educational program.


Item #1. Which season should CBAI offer the Community Bank directors’ College?


Item #2. The Directors’ College is structured as two, two-day sessions. Which statement best describes your reaction to its current structure.

This is about the right length.
This is too long a commitment of time.
This is too short of a time frame to adequately cover important topics.

Item #3. The Directors’ College should be conducted in which of the following locations?

Suburban Chicago Hotel
Crowne Plaza Hotel, Springfield
Eagle Ridge in Galena

Item #4. What 10 topics are most important to directors? Please prioritize with 1 being the highest.

Role of the Bank Director
Corporate Governance
The Loan Process from the Director’s View
Internal Audit Function
Directors’ Responsibilities in Compliance
Strategic Technology Planning & Security Update
Your Regulators’ View of Directors’ Responsibilities
Financial Management of Community Banks
Regulatory Exams & C.A.M.E.L.S.
Enforcement Actions
Understanding Shareholder Value
Understanding Your Community Bank’s Risk
Is Your Strategic Planning a Waste of Time?
Aligning Executive Compensation with the Bank’s Strategic Plan
Exam Workshop (A case study where attendees work with examiners to evaluate and rate a bank’s performance)

Item #5. If CBAI continues to offer The Community Bank Directors’ College, what is the likelihood of your bank enrolling a director?

I am very likely to attend in 2010.
I might register in 2010, if it is restructured as suggested.
I have no interest in registering for this program.

Thank you!

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