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Community Bankers Association of Illinois
Community Bankers Association of Illinois Community Bankers Association of Illinois

  • Action Still Needed on Interchange Issue
  • Fine: ICBA Will Continue Taking the High Road
  • ICBA and CBAI Represent Community Banks in Reform Debate
  • FASB Hosting Webcast on Proposed New Accounting Standards
  • Baker Market Update
  • Mainstreet Economic Index Soars
  • FDIC Releases First Quarter Profile
  • CBAI Ag Lenders’ Conference Will Be Held June 9
  • CBAI’s 36th Annual Exposition Gathers 104 firms
  • Community Bankers School To Be Held July 11-16, 2010
  • Advanced Compliance Institute Scheduled for June 15-16
  • Simplifying IT Security and Compliance Set for June 16-17

  • Action Still Needed on Interchange Issue

    CBAI and ICBA urge all community bankers to ask their U.S. Representatives to contact the members of the conference committee on financial reform to oppose the interchange language adopted by the Senate.
    See Talking Points. Send Letter.

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    Fine: ICBA Will Continue Taking the High Road

    ICBA President and CEO Cam Fine wrote in his latest blog post that while ICBA continues carrying out the policies of community bankers from across the nation, it will do so with integrity and honor. In Finer Points, Fine wrote that ICBA believes in taking the high road. "After all, ICBA exclusively represents the best segment of the financial services industry—the men and women of Main Street and rural America."
    Read Finer Points.

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    ICBA and CBAI Represent Community Banks in Reform Debate

    While the pending Wall Street reform bills include a number of positive provisions, they also will certainly increase the regulatory burden for all financial firms. Who is to blame? Not community bankers. The fault falls on those who caused the crisis, Wall Street and its nonbank financial aiders and abetters.

    The crisis was so deep and harmful that a harsh congressional response was inevitable. The community bank strategy has been to urge Congress to focus its wrath on those who caused the crisis, protect community banks and advance our cause when opportunities presented themselves. Our approach gave us a seat at the table. The shift in deposit-insurance assessments from community banks to the largest institutions—$4.5 billion over three years—is a key component of that strategy. It will be in the final bill.

    Some groups have elected to denounce the legislation at every turn. So far, this has proved to weaken their voices in the debates.

    We are now entering a critical phase. A House/Senate conference will write the final version of the bill in the coming weeks. As part of our continuing role in the debate, ICBA sent a letter to Congress outlining serious community bank concerns that need to be addressed while the bill is in conference.
    Read ICBA Letter.

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    FASB Hosting Webcast on Proposed New Accounting Standards

    FASB is offering a free webcast on its proposal to employ mark-to-market accounting for nearly all financial instruments. Scheduled for 1 p.m. (Central) on Wednesday, June 30, 2010, the webcast will permit participants to ask questions. CBAI vigorously opposes the use of mark-to-market accounting for community banks that are creating and holding illiquid assets.
    See Information on Proposed Rule. Register Online.

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    Baker Market Update

    Treasuries are poised for their biggest monthly gain since January as debt woes in Europe and growing tensions between North & South Korea continue to drive up demand.

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    Mainstreet Economic Index Soars

    For the first time since January 2008, the Rural Mainstreet Index climbed above growth neutral based on the May survey of bank CEOs in a 10-state region.
    See Full Report.

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    FDIC Releases First Quarter Profile

    The FDIC recently released its Quarterly Banking Profile for the first quarter of 2010. The highlights of the report include a significant increase in overall earnings for commercial banks and thrifts with a majority of institutions reporting net income growth. Reduced loan-loss provisions contributed to earnings improvement. The number of problem banks, however, continued to climb.
    See Full Report.

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    CBAI Ag Lenders’ Conference Will Be Held June 9

    As a result of declining farm incomes, depressed repayment rates, and raised delinquency and charge-off rates on agricultural loans, commercial banks have tightened credit standards by maintaining elevated collateral requirements and stringent loan terms. Attend
    CBAI’s 2010 Agricultural Lenders Conference to develop the skills and tools to better understand the issues affecting our farm and agribusiness customers and to meet their credit needs. A mini-expo featuring the latest in products and services for ag lenders also highlights the day. This year’s Conference features such top-notch speakers as Dr. David Kohl, professor emeritus in the department of agricultural and applied economics at Virginia Tech, on the mega trends in agriculture and the latest credit analysis; Larry Aker, founder and editor of 3F Forecasts, on current weather and season forecasts; and Matthew Roberts, associate professor in the department of agriculture, environmental and development economics at The Ohio State University, on the six businesses that comprise a modern grain farm and an energy update for 2010.

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    CBAI’s 36th Annual Exposition Gathers 104 firms

    CBAI’s 36th Annual Exposition (9/30-10/2; Galt House, Louisville, KY) will feature 104 firms under one roof to demonstrate the latest products and services for community bankers. By attending, bankers will keep abreast of new information, products and services;
    improve purchasing management and business development;
    compare prices and products more effectively; and
    save time by seeing all vendors in one location.

    Additional attractions in the Exhibit Center include:
      • a walk-around program with valuable prizes for bankers who visit a majority of the booths;
      • delicious desserts during the Grand Opening;
      • cocktail reception Friday night; and
      • Continental breakfast on Saturday; and
      • a drawing for an exquisite piece of Waterford Crystal.

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    Community Bankers School To Be Held July 11-16, 2010

    CBAI is pleased to offer the
    2010 Community Bankers School (CBS). This program, which consists of two, one-week sessions over a two-year period at Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington, will allow you to immediately contribute to the overall success of your bank, and give you the knowledge necessary to get ahead. CBS features a nationally recognized faculty, an updated curriculum, and timely topics. Topics covered during this intense week for Class I participants include compliance, accounting, commercial and consumer loan documentation, collections, bank security, auditing, investments, and technology, while Class II focuses on management aspects. However, the benefits extend beyond the classroom with outside case studies, an invaluable student notebook with supplemental materials, as well as networking opportunities with peers, instructors, and senior bankers. You will gain a background and experience for broader responsibilities and greater effectiveness, as well as insight into a community bank’s overall operations responsibilities. The 2010 session opens Sunday, July 11, and concludes Friday, July 16. The deadline to enroll is July 1, 2010.

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    Advanced Compliance Institute Scheduled for June 15-16

    Advanced Compliance Institute is designed for the experienced compliance officer and others who have a good working knowledge of the federal compliance regulations and who want to upgrade their skills in the detection and diagnosis of compliance issues, as well as their ability to influence others to solve compliance problems facing the bank. This course will not discuss individual regulations, but will focus on compliance management. It trains attendees to recognize and assess regulatory problems facing their banks and take the next step to resolve these problems. Attendees learn how to develop process models, assess compliance risk, determine weaknesses in controls, create controls to prevent and detect problems, manage a compliance monitoring program, and influence others to implement solutions. You gain valuable hands-on experience through case studies that require them to make judgments and develop influence strategies in scenarios designed to depict real-world situations. This institute is led by Bill Elliott, senior consultant and manager of compliance, and Bryan K. Bradley, CRCM, senior consultant at Young & Associates, Inc. in Kent Ohio.

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    Simplifying IT Security and Compliance Set for June 16-17

    CBAI is please to offer the
    “Simplifying Your IT Security Program and Compliance Burden” seminar this June in Springfield and Naperville. The session begins by looking at some simple risk assessment formats designed to be used by community banks. Then it reviews the policies needed for IT security best practices and GLBA compliance, as well as shows how a sound set of security policies can be used to build a complete set of spreadsheet checklist compliance tools that can be used for audit and verification. Sample risk assessment templates, IT security policies, and audit checklists are provided. Joseph Compton, CISA, CISSP, and president of Core Information Management, Inc., an IT-audit and IT-security management firm headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, and Merri L. Voigt, CRCM, CCBCO, and president of Chevaux Consulting Inc. (CCI) located in east central Illinois, lead this seminar. Compton has more than 16 years of IT-management experience and has spent the past seven years focused on IT security and compliance issues for the financial services field. Voigt has 20 years in banking. As president of Chevaux Consulting Inc., Voigt conducts compliance-consulting services, bank auditing, and internal/external testing of IT systems.

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    Other CBAI Events Thru 10/2

    CBAI 2010 Group Meetings, now – June 15th

    CBAI Community Bankers School (7/11-7/16; Illinois Wesleyan University, Bloomington, IL)

    CBAI’s 36th Annual Convention & Exposition (9/30-10/2; Galt House, Louisville, KY)
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    Exhibiting Information

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