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Farm Bill Markup Scheduled TOMORROW - Call Senators TODAY to Block FCS Expansion!

The Senate Agriculture Committee has scheduled a markup of the new farm bill for Wednesday, Oct. 24th. ICBA and CBAI are concerned that the Farm Credit System will push members to adopt an amendment during markup to expand the System's lending authorities. PLEASE CALL SENATORS DURBIN and OBAMA to express these concerns!

FCS is telling senators that they only want "narrow" proposals aimed at biorefineries and tripling the population size (to 7,500) for their home lending authorities. This is a maneuver by the FCS to get any possible expansion language into the Farm Bill now - that could be expanded dramatically later - during a House-Senate Conference markup. FCS's ultimate goal includes new powers for commercial business loans and home mortgages in cities up to 50,000.

Let's keep FCS expansion and FCS amendments OUT of the Farm Bill. Please call SENATOR DURBIN at 202/224-2152 and SENATOR OBAMA at 202/224-2854 even though they are not on the Senate Agriculture Committee and voice opposition to any expanded powers for the FCS. Use these Talking points and ask for David Lazarus in Durbin's office and Todd Atkinson in Obama's office; the staffers that handle farm bill, agriculture or ag credit issues.

Don't let the FCS, a government sponsored enterprise with tax and funding advantages, get commercial lending powers and cherry pick your loans.

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