Community Bankers Association of Illinois

CBSC Endorses Check Resultz for Free Electronic NSF Collection Program

The Community BancService Corporation board of directors continually researches promising new programs to offer CBAI members the very best in banking services. In fulfillment of that mission, I am pleased to announce the addition of Check Resultz to our stable of Endorsed Vendors. Check Resultz promises to generate income for member banks while providing a valuable service to commercial customers.

Check Resultz is a leading provider of Business Account NSF Electronic Check Recovery Services. The program is a turnkey program utilizing the ACH system to successfully collect the full face value of 75–80% of all checks it processes, potentially doubling most businesses’ collection rates.

The Check Resultz program directly supports small businesses' financial well-being and demonstrates community bank's desire to offer a real solution to collecting bad checks. By implementing this program your bank can service business customers like never before, while immediately increasing their profitability - and that of your bank. The program is FREE for both your bank and your business customers. The merchant’s customer who wrote the bad check pays the fees. The bank incurs no additional liability or additional staff time while generating additional revenue. Through a CBSC negotiated agreement, CBAI members will receive $8.00 per recovered check. There are absolutely no start-up or ongoing cost!

For more information, click here or contact Mike Duke at CBAI Headquarters or phone 800/736-2224.

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