CBAI to Attend OCC Central District Office Meeting

CBAI will attend an OCC Central District Office Meeting with District Deputy Comptroller - Bert Otto, Senior Deputy Comptroller - Jennifer Kelly, Ombudsman - Larry Hattix and other senior OCC officials in Chicago on Thursday, April 4, 2013.

The formal agenda includes discussing the OCC/OTS integration, supervisory appeals, bank failure cause overview, Dodd-Frank update, and will also include District and trade association roundtables. Please contact David Schroeder via email at or (847) 909-8341 if you have other areas that you would like to have discussed or you can offer any comments that would strengthen the value of our conversation. Any comments provided by you will be kept strictly confidential

For your information, here is the link to the December 2012 - OCC Central District Radar Screen.

CBAI is looking forward to representing Illinois’ community banks at this OCC Central District Office Meeting.