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"With widespread member participation, consumers will learn to distinguish Real Community Banks from the competition and know why they should be our customers."
Gerald C. Johnson, CBAI Past Chairman
A Real Community Bank®
Identity Program Content
As a CBAI member you have the right to access and use certain ARCB advertising and promotional materials. You have the flexibility to include your bank name and logo where appropriate, and to select black and white and/or color. In cooperation with your local printer, you control production. The Program features both free materials and optional additional materials for a fee. All free materials can be viewed and/or downloaded by following the instructions, and all optional additional materials can be viewed and ordered at your option. New content will be added every six months to maintain freshness and continuity.

CBAI's New 2010/2011 A Real Community Bank Image Campaign:
"The Real Heart of America!"
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A Real Community Bank Image Campaign

FREE ARCB Identity Program Materials:

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