BankOnIT Announces Incentive to Help Raise PAC Funds

Will Contribute $200 to BancPac for each bank CEO that visits BankOnITY’s Oklahoma City facility

Springfield, IL. (April 18, 2018)---Today, during the CBAI’s 34th Annual Capital Conference luncheon, BankOnIT (BOIT), CBSC’s Preferred Provider for managed IT services, announced that it will donate $200 to CBAI’s Community BancPAC for every member bank CEO that visits BOIT’s Oklahoma City facilities and participates in a CEO roundtable discussion focusing on cyber security. “BankOnIT is seriously committed to providing a more secure and reliable IT operating environment than community banks can create on their own. We fully support community banks efforts to pass legislation that helps them better serve their customers” said Robert Mendez, EVP, BankOnIT.

Beginning today, BankOnIT is offering to host groups of 5 to 6 CBAI member bank CEO’s at its headquarters in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Upon arrival in Oklahoma City, the attending CEO’s will participate in discussions focusing on today’s information technology security challenges, meeting information technology regulatory expectations, tour of BOIT’s impressive, state-of-the-art facilities, followed by open discussion over lunch. The one-day trip generally takes less than 8 hours.

“Two years ago, I accepted Robert’s invitation and flew to BOIT’s Oklahoma City facility” said Gregg Roegge, CBAI Chairman and President of Rushville State Bank. “I didn’t think I had a need at the time. I simply wanted to learn more about improving IT security at my bank. Following my visit, I learned that were significant gaps in my bank’s IT security. I also learned that my bank did not have the staff or resources to provide the same level of security and efficiencies in technology management that BOIT provides for community banks.” He concluded, “We’ve been BOIT clients now for about a year and are completely satisfied. Taking the trip to BOIT took one-day, but it was one of the best days I’ve spent out of the office.”

To schedule a visit to BankOnIT, please contact David Wilcox at or at 405-615-7625, or Jef Radtke at or at 262-388-3458.