BankTrends Launches New Efficiency Ratio Tool

BankTrends, CBSC's Preferred Partner for bank peer group and market analysis, has launched a new Efficiency Ratio Calculator that enables community bankers to easily calculate the effect prospective changes in income and expenses will have on their bank's Efficiency Ratio.

The Efficiency Ratio, a measure of overhead as a percent of revenue, is a hot topic for most community bankers. It is a quick and easy measure of bank management's ability to control operating costs while generating income. An increase in the bank's Efficiency Ratio means an increase in operating expenses, a decrease in income, or both.

When bankers think of efficiency they often think of expenses, but the other side of the equation, income, is just as important. For example, how would raising loan rates 25 basis points impact the bank's earnings and Efficiency Ratio? How about calculating the impact of growing the bank's loan portfolio 10% or raising deposit-related fees?

Now, CBAI member banks can easily calculate the impact different income and expense scenarios will have on their bank's Efficiency Ratio. For more information and to give it a free, no-obligation test-drive, please go to