ICBA-Dell Offers CBAI Members Preferred Pricing on Servers, PCs

This week, the ICBA-Dell Program is offering CBAI members 20% off certain Power Edge servers and 10% off OptiPlex, Latitude and XPS PCs. To place an order, go to and follow the instructions. The discount code for member banks is 141351622.

Give your valued friends and customers access to the ICBA-Dell Discount Program. As an added benefit, you can provide friends and customers of your bank with access to the ICBA-Dell Discount Program. Simply provide them with the web site address: and the discount code: 141351622, and they will receive discounts, courtesy of your bank!

Several bankers have said they plan to publish access to the ICBA-Dell Program on their bank’s web site. We think that’s a terrific idea.

If you have any questions about the ICBA-Dell Discount Program for CBAI member banks, please contact Mike Duke at CBAI headquarters via email at, or telephone at 217-529-2265.