Memberships - Add-An-Officer



Are all of your Bank Officers fully informed? Your officers, both in the main bank and branch offices, make crucial operations decisions daily. Are they as well informed as they should be?

CBAI provides materials that can help these officers keep up with current issues, regulations and trends in banking today. Additionally, CBAI's educational offerings, public relations programs and group discount opportunities help all officers to be more efficient, knowledgeable and effective. But, are they receiving CBAI materials on a regular basis?

Through CBAI's Add-An-Officer Subscription Program, designated officers in your operation will receive important information that will enable them to become better informed.

For just $120 per person per year, your key officers will be apprised of all of the latest developments in technology, legislation and regulation, and Association activities. Specific items include:

  • Banknotes, CBAI's bi-monthly magazine
  • Illinois Financial Institutions Directory & Fact Book
  • Educational mailings
  • Special events mailings
  • Special services mailings

(Program does not include information sent via broadcast fax or e-mail.)

Yes! I'm interested in the "Add-An-Officer" Program. Please email the CBAI Communications Department at a list of individuals and enroll today, or mail the list of officers to:

901 Community Drive
Springfield, IL 62703-5184

If you have any questions, please contact Valerie Johnston or Bobbi Watson at 800/736-2224.