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Directors' Pipeline

Are your bank's directors in the know? It is their responsibility to be as current and knowledgeable about many banking matters as their bank's officers.

CBAI publications can help your bank's directors to keep up with current issues, regulations and trends in banking today. The Association also offers seminars specifically designed for the continuing education of bank directors. Our Group Meetings and Annual Convention & Exposition are also a means toward that end.

We've designed a program, called "Directors' Pipeline," which helps place your bank directors in the mainstream of the information flow about state and federal banking issues.

Here's what they'll receive for just $60 per year:

  • a $25 discount off the regular price of CBAI's Directors' Seminar
  • a $25 discount off the regular price of CBAI's Annual Convention & Exposition
  • a complimentary copy of CBAI's Banknotes*, and Annual Report.

(*Bank directors, who wish to do so, may already receive a complimentary copy of CBAI's bi-monthly magazine, Banknotes.)

Yes! I'm interested in the "Directors' Pipeline" Program for directors of CBAI member banks. Please email the CBAI Communications Department at a list of individuals and enroll today, or mail the list of directors to:

901 Community Drive
Springfield, IL 62703-5184

If you have any questions, please contact Valerie Johnston or Bobbi Watson at 800/736-2224.