Advocacy Overview

The CBAI Department of Governmental Relations continually works to enhance and defend the community banking profession in Springfield and Washington.  In concert with the CBAI Committee on Legislation & Regulation and CBAI Committee on Agriculture, the department develops and builds coalitions, political alliances and relationships with farming organizations, independent business associations, and other interest groups to achieve various legislative and regulatory objectives.

Jerry Peck, Senior Vice President Governmental Relations, leads a highly-experienced and well-qualified team of Association staff professionals who work daily to provide effective and exclusive representation for Illinois community banks and thrifts.   David Schroeder, Senior Vice President Federal Govermental Relations; Megan Peck, Vice President Governmental Relations; and Jerry Cavanaugh, CBAI General Counsel, join Mr. Peck in representing community banks and thrifts before both the state and federal legislatures, as well as monitoring and responding to the actions of numerous regulatory bodies. Rounding out the CBAI Governmental Relations team are Levette Shade, Paralegal; and Jessie Schmidt, Administrative Assistant.

Another important aspect of CBAI’s advocacy effort is the direct support to candidates and incumbent officeholders who support key community banking issues in the Illinois General Assembly via Community BancPac and those who are supportive of our philosophy in the U.S. Congress via CBAI Fed Pac.