CBAI ALERT: Stolen Checks and Cards in Central Illinois

CBAI was notified on March 27 that a person or ring of persons have been stealing purses and/or otherwise gaining possession by theft of checkbooks, credit cards and customer account information at locations or events held in the central Illinois area.

If a customer notifies someone at your bank that (s)he has had a purse, wallet, debit card or credit card, or personal identification (e.g., driver’s license) stolen, the bank may want to flag that account, require enhanced documentation of identity if the crook attempts to perform an in-person transaction at a banking facility, and be prepared to promptly implement a process to protect the customer and the bank against future losses from the stolen items, including, but not limited to, closing the vulnerable account and opening an alternative account (with new checks) in the same name and account titling as the closed account.