Your Voice Matters - Here’s How

Your response to CBAI’s Action Alerts is an important part of our governmental relations efforts which support your bank’s performance and shareholder value. These Alerts are delivered to you via e-mail, are simultaneously posted on our website, and are prominently featured in our bi-monthly E-Newsletter. These Alerts communicate your position on critical community bank issues to legislators and regulators.

We make it easy to identify your elected representatives and deliver your message to the appropriate office(s) electronically with a simple click of the “send” button. We are respectful of your limited time, so your response to an Alert will take no more than 30 seconds to complete. Not only are Alerts sparingly requested, but they are sent at the most critical time in the consideration of proposed bills and regulations. As a result, your prompt reply will be most impactful.

Some bankers question the real impact of an electronically delivered form letter or petitions in influencing the legislative and regulatory process. We can say with absolute certainty that every time community bankers rise together and respond in large numbers, the significant industry response is noticed by legislators and regulators and in the financial services industry press. Your overwhelming response becomes an important part of the discussion.

What we can also say with absolute certainty is that a lack of response clearly communicates to legislators and regulators that the issue is just not important enough for community bankers to spend 30 seconds of their time to act. From their perspective, your silence is your consent to their proposal. In most cases this is not the message that we need to be communicating as it seriously undermines important advocacy efforts by CBAI and the ICBA on your behalf. Click Here for numerous examples of how your voice has made a difference with regulators and legislators.

December 15, 2015