Branch Transformation: Strategies for Moving from Transaction Centers to Customer Engagement Centers


Significant discussions are ongoing about the future of the physical branch. Some recommend converting branches into automated self-service transaction centers. Others suggest lobby makeovers akin to upscale hotels or coffee bars. But none of these options address the fundamental question: what compelling reason does a customer or prospect have to come into the branch in the first place?

The advance of the virtual branch – and the ability of customers to transact at a time and place of their choosing – have severely reduced branch traffic. With negative PR dissuading banks from closing low performing branches, it is time to consider a new paradigm and reexamine the root issue. The key is engagement: creating reasons for customers and prospects to interact with the institution, both online and in person. Join this content-rich session to learn specific strategies for an engagement-driven branch service model that will integrate into and augment your virtual branch services.  (Categories: Operations, Senior Management)   CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!